16 oz. Jar Candles ~ Tuscan Wine, $20 ~ Starrlight Candle Company ~ 16OZ-TUSCANWINE
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16 oz. Jar Candles

Tuscan Wine

Tuscan Wine
Item Number: 16OZ-TUSCANWINE

16 oz. jar candle, purple-grey colour with the scent of Tuscan wine.

Soy wax, hemp wick.

Ball Mason jars with lids are reusable and recyclable. 16 oz. jar candles have an estimated burn time of ~100 hours.

Price: $20.00
Size: 16 oz.
Colour: Purple
Scent: Tuscan Wine, A true luxury fragrance beginning with top notes of black grapes, strawberry, and red wine; followed by middle notes of white flowers and sweet cinnamon; and sits on dry wood notes.

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